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About John Cappello, Visionary

Since my father passed away in 1992, I have been working with my visual and intuitive abilities. Because I felt my father's presence around me, I was compelled to seek out whether it was my imagination or if it was real. I had always felt my father was extremely intuitive while he was alive so it did not surprise me that he would attempt to communicate with his family after he passed away. My explorations, through a mentor, proved fruitful and I soon noticed I could feel the presence of others that had passed away.

Visionary work has been a blessing in that it has enriched my life and has allowed me to learn about the human experience. I have previously been known as a psychic medium, but this term is controversial and not a true description of the gifts God has given me. As an active Christian I have been taught to be careful when dealing with Spirits. This work can be dangerous if it is not done with reverence and without asking God for protection. I never dreamed I had the ability to communicate with others in Spirit. Now that I have accepted this gift, I work to keep my faith and my gift tied together under God's direction.

Using my intuitive abilities has enhanced my faith and has validated it. Our loved ones in Spirit often say "pray for us". I am awed by their descriptions of what we call heaven. They communicate with us to let us know they are okay. They usually describe their death experience and reassure us this experience is not terrifying. They tell me they feel safe and in the presence of God. I do not believe this work is evil or from negative energy. It is a powerful, positive, gifted ability that allows us to connect with the Spirit world.

John Cappello, Visionary

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