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Introducing Your Snap Moment!


After much success and demand for our popular Talking Product show for everyday business, we are adding Your Snap Moment  to our Snap Out of It!” Radio Network.    This is your opportunity to have your business featured and let the world hear why you are so passionate about your business.  Give a voice to your current website and advertising.  Let your audience get to know you and your business by hearing it directly from you!   DeDe is a professional interviewer and voice talent using her experience of radio, TV and entertaining to bring your interview to life.  DeDe has the ability to put you at ease and let the conversation flow while bringing out all the pertinent information for your listening audience.


Your Snap moment can be utilized to promote your business, your product or just about anything you desire to tell the world.  This show is easily downloadable for your own website and will also be archived on the iTunes and blog talk sites!  This gives you maximum exposure to listeners all over the country and the world. 


Contact us today about Your Snap Moment and bring out the personality that drives your business!

Contact Info:

Rick Moffett

Email: rick.moffett@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 312-493-5828

Snap Moment Package

Included in Your Snap Moment Promotional Package

for only $673.00

·         35 minute interview about your business your products and all your services – no need to figure out the questions.  DeDe will set up an interview with you prior to the live interview and will also review your website and information to make your interview professional, fun and catch your listeners attention!

·         Your Company’s Name and Logo under our Highlighted Company’s and Snap Moment Header for 8 weeks.

·         Link to your interview and continual promotional plugs for listeners to check out our Snap Moment interviews!

·         The Interview archived for 6 months with iTunes & Blog talk this opens you up to potentially millions of Blog Talk Listeners.  

·         Getting your word out through all the viral markets such as Twitter – Face book and YouTube!

·         Company name included in Snap Out of It!” Radio Network newsletters and show reminders!


If you would like to advertise on our site without an interview

Please contact us!



Your Show our Voice Package for only $325.00

Do you have a show on blog talk or another internet station that you would like a professional introduction or sound?  DeDe is a professional voice talent that will create and produce your unique sound for your very own show.  We will also set up your account in blog talk and train you to be the best host possible.  DeDe’s voice, advice and expertise from years of entertaining and being on stage can help you be a stand out in the world of online radio host.

·         Phone appointment with DeDe to understand your show idea to produce the introduction you desire

·         Production of Intro music combined with DeDe’s professional voice talent announcing your show

·         Production of Exit Music

·         Your Intro and Exit Music are your property to keep

·         Complete Training on Blog Talk’s Switchboard, Chat Page and Show prep announcing and writing including proper meta tags and promotions.


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