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Welcome to the Snap Out Of It!” Radio Network!

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What makes internet radio so powerful?

According to Bridge Ratings and estimates based on converging trends, Internet radio will have 180 million listeners by 2010, up almost 300% from the present 69 million listeners.

With the Internet you now have the ability to reach thousands of people all over the world and Snap Out of It!” Radio Network can help you with marketing your message through a community of great hosts!

We all have great websites but are working like crazy trying to get people to find us!  Snap Out of It!” Radio Network uses all the great SEO secrets, viral targeted marketing and the power of a community to get you notice! “Snap Out of It!” Radio Network will advertise your show along with all our other great shows everyday, every week every month!  Our other host will be introducing their listeners to your shows and vice a versa!  Being on a Network gets you noticed and builds momentum for everyone!

What the Current Hosts are saying about working with the Snap Out of It” Radio Network!

"I am honored to be a part of the “Snap Out Of It!” Radio network! The exposure is fantastic and offers a credible way for clients to have access to me and my services. The incredible integrity and expertise of the women involved with this community raises the bar on any other network available. I would highly recommend joining the Snap Out Of It” Radio Network you will be part of an elite community that will support you and your business! Working with DeDe is like flying first class!”

--Bee Herz Psychic/Medium

I love working for the Snap out of It!” Radio Network, as I believe this a wonderful medium to bring information and education to women in need of empowerment. DeDe has been an absolute inspiration and such a beautiful and helpful guide. I adore connecting with her and love connecting with her mission and vision. Love, gratitude and blessings.

--Melanie Tonia Evans

"Being a part of the Snap Out Of It!” Radio Network is such a pleasure. I am excited for DeDe and all she is doing locally in my part of the world as well as globally. This network is going to provide such a platform for many gifted teachers and speakers. I look forward to the growth and expansion that is sure to come, as people everywhere begin to “Snap Out Of It!” and Wake Up To Their Power!"

-- Michelle Barr

Common Questions about becoming a host:

Hoe can I listen?

Through the internet there are no limitations to your reach!

Where do I produce my show?

Anywhere you have a computer and a telephone!  Home office or even while on vacation!

How is this accomplished?

By using your telephone and your computer connected to the Internet.

When it is time for your show to start, you login to your broadcasting account and dial your unique host number.  Your shows start automatically at your scheduled time, an introduction plays and then you start talking.  All of this will be explained in detail during your training!

Guests and listeners call your unique call-in number just like a radio talk show.

What is the length of my show?

1 hour produced every week.

For additional time and shows please contact us.

 Cost involved?

We keep the cost to a minimum because we view the network as a community of like minded individuals having a passion to help their communities and the world.  The network gives people a place to hang out and search for interviews on a variety of topics that help  fulfill there needs .

The cost to setup your page and affiliation varies depending on your vision for the support you will need to be an effective host. Our pledge is to keep your cost to a minimum in exchange for broadcasting a great message that can change someone's life for the better.

We can provide as little or allot.  We help coach you thorough the process to determine your needs.


Talk Show Setup - $325

The setup includes getting your 1st show up and broadcasting! 

A webpage on The Snap Out Of It! Radio Network, help setting up your broadcast account, training on the control panel, professional in and out tag with royalty free music.

$197.00 1 professional Youtube Video announcing your show ($225.00) Value

Monthly fee $97 including Premium Blogtalk fee

Network recognition through the Snap Out of It! Show’s Broadcast affiliate, the Transformation Radio Network heard on the East Cost by over 100,000 listeners

Discounts to Snap Out of It Events, Voice Talent Productions, Additional You Tube Productions.

Additional Listeners through a community of network hosts.

Monthy tips on how to make your show more appealing and productive.

List of guest requesting interviews on the Snap Out of It Network.

Example of other services:

Hosting your show - $50.00

Editing, show for special promotional services $25.00 - per show

Video production - call for quote

Audio production - call for quote

Personalized Banners - call for quote

iTunes help

Website design - call for quote (other then the network)

Twitter - $395.00 training (up to 3 hours), setup and help getting meaningful followers . DeDe has over 21k followers!

Contact;  info@snapoutofitradionetwork.com

Rick phone: 312-493-5828 or leave us your comments, questions or a note to contact you.

Are there any Contracts?

No Contracts

What time can I have my show?

Look at our Show Schedule to see when you would like to do a show.  Make sure it is a time that you can consistently be available for! Let us know your preference and we will work with you.

How “Snap Out of It!” Radio Network helps market your show and your website!

Fabulous Hosts – Our Host have a powerful and authentic message with an energy that reaches the masses!

World Famous Guests - Our guests include Famous Authors and Speakers like Guy Finley, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Rita Louise, Dr. Bill Path, Sonia Barrett, and many more!  We aren’t just looking for the famous but for the informative and the heartfelt message of the guest!  Provide the message and people listen!

Search Engine Optimization - One of the most important features to getting you found!  Using keyword search tools we are selecting the keywords that people are actually using in their searches. We are indexed on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others. 

Viral Marketing – Absolutely!! This is the technique that many successful marketers are using. Twitter, Face book, MySpace just to name a few. Through these avenues people forward emails on to their contacts.

Working Together with Email list - Each host sends out to their email list notices about their show every week.  The Network is listed in every email and so your show gets introduced to people that you would have never known otherwise!  Not only do the emails go out from the host but their guest also sends out emails announcing the shows.  So you can see how working together in a network and community builds and expands rapidly!

Email Marketing – Snap Out of It utilizes its growing email marketing system delivering regular Special Announcements to our subscribers and community.

Reciprocal Links - As we provide links to our host's websites, they also provide links to Snap Out of It Radio Network.

Thank You for you interest in becoming a host.

“Snap Out of It!” Radio Network


Wake Up,Stand Up and Snap Out of It!

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