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Melanie Tonia Evans is a metaphysical author, radio host, qualified kinesiologist and theta healer, spiritual healer, life empowerment coach, counsellor, and relationship and dating expert.

Through, personal experience, research and conducting healing and empowerment with herself and others, Melanie has become a recognized world expert on narcissism and co-dependence. Her radio interviews, articles, readings and headings assist women world-wide.

Melanie’s information is sourced by psychologists globally, who refer patients to her in order to find solutions to help women recover from the shattering effects of narcissism.

Melanie’s talents include kinesiology, theta healing, tarot interpretation, numerology, palmistry, clairvoyance, past-life channelling and healing. Melanie’s mission is to empower people so that they may re-create themselves as individuals who are free to experience the life they deserve.

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with Bee Herz

"I had been in terrible pain and anguish for ten years, and I was barely able to function. Every therapy I tried didn't help. After one session of theta with Melanie I knew instant relief, and felt a strength and peace that I didn't believe I'd ever feel again. After two sessions I have my life back on track, in perspective, and I'm no longer haunted, terrorised and destroyed by my previous narcissistic relationship. God I wish I found this earlier! I urge every broken woman out there to make an appointment with Melanie as soon as you possibly can."

~ Lynda M. Inverness, Ireland


"I had a history of every relationship being with the wrong man. I was always shattered and devastated about the way every man treated me, until I found the next one who would then hurt me in virtually identical ways. I was stuck and bewildered and seeking addictions to ease my inner emptiness and pain. Since seeking theta healing with Melanie I experienced immediate relief, and a strength and confidence I hadn't ever known. These men hold no emotional charge over me anymore, and I now honour and respect myself and walk my truth. I have no urge to connect with any man that doesn't have the capacity to respect me, and for the first time in my life I totally know that I deserve this. Psychology, group therapy and medication for decades made no difference. Theta healing did. Do it, and like me you won't have to stay in pain and suffering any longer."

~ Catherine P. Melbourne, Australia



"The suffering I experienced from my pathological ex-husband was intense. After 10 years of separation I was still broken, hoping to recover the marriage, and had no interest or joy in life. Then I stumbled across Melanie's website at a point when I was almost suicidal, and I didn't think I could go on for another day. I booked a theta healing, and I can barely believe the relief and joy that followed immediately. After two more sessions I am totally clear of feelings for my ex, totally know how hooked and powerless I have been, and now have a life of interests, goals and dreams again. Yes I will have the right relationship again, and it will be nothing like what I had experienced. I feel better than I could imagine. If this testimony helps other women find the solution that I did through Melanie I want to shout it out as loud as possible!" ~ Merelyn C. Bath, UK



"Wow! Why don't we all know about this? Bad men and trying to be loved led to me being homeless, broken and feeling like I was all alone. I now know what it is to love myself, make healthy decisions and know I deserve to. Thank you Melanie, no amount of professional help has given me what you gave me in one short hour. I know who I am, what to do and I feel empowered. I still can't quite work out what happened in our session, or how everything changed for me even though you are thousands of miles away, but it certainly did. You have given me my life back. Please keep doing the work you are doing and please let women know about this everywhere."

~ Elaine H. Maine, New England

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