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  1. DeDe Murcer Moffett

  2. Live From Texas

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  1. Melanie Tonia Evans

  2. Live From Australia

Note from DeDe Murcer Moffett - CEO and Founder

Welcome To The Snap Out of It! Radio Network where you will hear great shows each week from our outstanding authentic hosts.  Our hosts are experts in their fields!  They live and breathe passion into their work as they deliver an inspirational message to the world.

The Snap Out of It! Radio Network was created by me after my own transformation of Snapping Out of a 24 year addiction to alcohol.  I understand the power of beliefs and the disempowerment of limiting beliefs.  Snap Out of It Radio Network brings you shows that will Snap you out of the hypnotic state  most people find themselves in today.  These shows are designed not only to inspire you but to encourage you to look at the current situations in your life, question the beliefs holding those situations in place while using the techniques learned here, to step into your greatest potential!

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In its quest to provide an open forum for discussion of controversial issues, this station allows Hosts and their guests to express themselves without any significant censorship.  You are advised that any views expressed by the Hosts or their guests are not necessarily the views of the owners or management of Snap Out Of It! Radio Network, RD2 Moffett Productions, LLC or affiliates.

  1. The most inspirational, thought provoking

  2. leaders and illuminaries of today!

Lisa Oz

Carolyn Sutherland

Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Dr. Stanslaw Burzynski

Eric Arceneaux

Guy Finley

Dr. Avery Carpenter

Darlene Ellison

Michelle Renee

Bee Herz

Marci Shimoff

Dr. Joan Boryensenko

  1. Snap Out Of It! Show

  2. Tuesday’s 10 AM CST

  3. Recording artist, motivational speaker host and founder of “Snap Out of It!”

  4. DeDe’s show will highlight how we, limit ourselves through programmed false beliefs.

  5. Most of us... allow fear and lack of trust in ourselves to run our lives.

  1. Empowered Love Show

  2. Monday 10 PM CST  

  3. For Australian Listeners Tuesday’s at 1pm

  4. Melanie Tonia Evans, founder of Melbourne's Visionary Spiritual Institute of Australia, is an author, qualified kinesiologist and theta healer, spiritual life counselor, spiritual healer, and empowerment coach.